Add your own VS Code snippets in 5 seconds

Add your own VS Code snippets in 5 seconds

Do you know how to add your own code snippets in Visual Code Studio? If your answer is no then this blog will help you to do this. so let's read this blog post & increase your coding productivity by 10 times ๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ”ฅ.

So, you have to open your VS Code editor & click on the setting icon.

VS Code

after that, you have to click on configure user snippets

Visual studio code editor

now select the language in which you want to add the code snippet

VS Code).png

VS Code

now go to & paste your codes in the box as mentioned here & copy the snippet. add the shortcut in the shortcut box as shown in the image.

VS Code snippets

now go to the VS Code: settings>configure user snippets>select the language>paste the code & save(ctrl+s) this.

vs code snippets

that's it you are ready to use your code snippets in VS code by simply typing the shortcut.

vs code

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