Data Communication in Computer Networks

Data Communication in Computer Networks

Data communication is the exchange of data between two nodes via some form of link (transmission medium) such as cable.

Data flow

  • it means nodes are going to exchange the data.

  • data is going to flow from one node to another node

  • there are 3 forms of data flows.

    1. Simplex
    2. Half duplex
    3. Full duplex


    • In simplex data flows, communication is always unidirectional.

    • One device can transmit and other devices will receive the data.

      examples: keyboard, traditional monitors, etc.

      simplex in computer networks

    Half duplex

    • In a half-duplex, communication is in both directions but not simultaneously.
    • If one device is sending, the other devices can only receive the data at the same time & vice versa. ex: walkies-talkies

duplex in computer networks

Full duplex

  • It is also known as a Duplex.

  • Communication is in both directions simultaneously.

  • Devices can send or receive the data at the same time.

    ex: Phone call i.e we can talk and listen to the voice at the same time.

full duplex in computer network

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